Day 0. Sep 1 Session Venue

Trainees Registration


Training Session Day 1

Day 0. Sep 2
Session Venue

Training Session Day 2: Technical

In and Around DNS (details to follow in June)

The training is delivered by Dr. Paul Vixie,the Founder and CEO of Farsight Security, Inc and the inventor of DNS

Note: On both training days, lunch will be served at tbc
Day 1. Sep 3
Session Venue


- Prefunction area


Introductory Session

This short session is intended to set the tone for the Meeting and update Members on major developments to date and plans for 2021.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov ‖ GM, APTLD

  • Ai-Chin Lu ‖ APTLD Board Chair

Session 1

Partner Organizations’ Updates

A part of a vibrant regional ecosystem, APTLD has consistently developed working relations with numerous peers, and we expect them to share their major developments and plans for 2021.

Moderator: Ai-Chin Lu ‖ TWNIC

11:00-11:45 Coffee Break, Group Photo

Session 2

Members’ Updates

In the session, we traditionally have Members and APTLD Fellows’ updates on recent developments in their organizations.

Moderator: Min Jung Park ‖ KISA

  • Wilson Wong ‖ HKIRC: .HK’s Community Cybersecurity Programme
13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 3A (Venue: tbc)

Marketing: SMM Practices and Website Turbocharging

Who wouldn’t want every single visitor to their website to make a purchase (or three), before they leave? Unfortunately, in the real world, we know average website conversion rates hover between 2 and 10% depending on the industry and how efficiently the site is being run; and yes, Social Media Marketing campaign are yet another challenge. Members will discuss ways to boost up their online visibility and efficiency of their resources.


Session 3B (Venue: tbc)

Technical: Passive DNS

While this technology’s initial intentions were mainly focused on preventing malware and avoiding trademark issues, phishing and email policy violations, 15 years after its creation there are a lot of new ways to exploit the full potential of passive DNS. Techies, this is your call now.

  • Jan Horak ‖ Gransy
  • Paul Vixie ‖ Farsight Security

Session 4A (Venue: tbc)

Marketing: ccTLD Registry as a Brand

You have probably noticed that your ccTLD’s SEO value is on the rise….how come you haven’t? Either way, some domain industry pundits and gurus will assure you of a potentially high value of your brand and then probably charge you a fortune to explain what you are intuitively aware of. The session will allow Members to share their brand-building and promotion strategies


Session 4B (Venue: tbc)

Technical: Deconstructing DNSSEC for Good

In Woody Allen’s classical ‘Deconstructing Harry’ the main character goes, “The scary thing is that records are made to be broken”. At APTLD, we have a good sense of humor but are not ready to humor of insecurity, so time and again we revisit DNSSEC and its deployment to keep ourselves abreast of what else can be done to improve Members’ performance in this regard.

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:00 Wrap-up of the day and housekeeping notices
18:00 Leaving for the APTLD Members Dinner

Members Dinner

23:00 Return to the Caesar Park Hotel
Day 2. Sep 4
Session Venue

Session 5A (Venue: tbc)

Administrative: In and Out: Pros and Cons of an In-House Registry vs. Outsourced Registry

Moderator: Yudho Giri Sucahyo ‖ PANDI
  • Shidiq Purnama ‖ PANDI

Session 5B (Venue: tbc)

Technical: My DNS, My Rules: Local Solutions for the Global Vehicle

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Session 6A (Venue: tbc)

Administrative: How to Govern a ccTLD in Challenging Times?

Whether big or small, ccTLD registries run cost/benefit assessments and keep wondering how to build efficient operation. The session focuses on a critical matter of everyone’s concern –remember Cicero’s “Frugality includes all the other virtues”? Or was it Jeff Bezos’s?


Session 6B (Venue: tbc)

Security: Before the Levee Breaks: Business Continuity, Privacy and Security Risk Management in a Pandemic

As registries adjust to the "new normal" in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to quickly take stock of where they stand on privacy and security risk. Even in these unusual circumstances, regardless of their sizes and sophistication, they continue to be expected to act with reasonable care and comply with their public commitments and domestic regulatory obligations and best international practices.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 7A (Venue: tbc)

Marketing: How to Understand and Inspire Your Customer

Inspiring a customer to act is your main priority, for it’s what marketers are designed to do. Ours is an industry where there’s a clear line between success and failure, so Members are invited to share perspectives to build on the former and avoid the latter.


  • Joe Alagna ‖ Afilias

Session 7B (Venue: tbc)

Administrative/Technical: When infrastructure Begets infrastructure

In the session, Members will discuss tips and tricks on how to develop infrastructure for the technical and customer support teams’ operation.



Session 8

APTLD79 Agenda Bashing Workshop

The session is the second annual attempt to engage the Meeting participants in a creative bottom-up process which should result in developing the next Meeting‘s agenda with a full account of their interests and needs.

Facilitator: Leonid Todorov ‖ APTLD

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

Concluding Session


  • Fellows’ feedback
  • Unveiling APTLD79
  • Chair’s concluding remarks
  • Housekeeping announcements

Board Retreat

Day 3. Sep 5

Members' Networking Event

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